Cadillac Reformer - Kısa


Cadillac Reformer – Short

It is a combined equipment that offers extensive range of applications. It has been designed so that you can use it as Reformer, Tower ad Cadillac simultaneously. Its entire construction is sturdy and versatile. It ensures unique sense of comfort for the user. Try this expanded system of Cadillac Reformer that can be adapted to meet your needs smoothly and enjoy the difference.


• It is made of certified, first class beech tree. It is resistant to fluids as it is finished in four layers of special, opaque varnish.

• Equipment is resistant to humidity thanks to the plastic covers placed under its legs and does not slip on the floor.

• Its eight-wheel system enables quiet and smooth motion.

• Equipment upholstery is made of first class, antibacterial leather.

• 4-level footbar system enables exercise at different angles. • It is equipped with 3-level gearbar system that features lock for a safe work-out.

• It is equipped with 3-level stopper on aluminum rail for height adjustment.

• Its integral footbar system prevents feet and hands from slipping.

• Head and shoulder part is designed so that it can be adjusted to ensure cervical convenience and right posture.

• 8-mm rope and moveable reels that reduce friction enables joint angles to stay the same during movements. • Equipment construction is made of iron coated with chrome.

• 8 connection points that attach wood to the bars ensure high fixation and balance.

• All of the equipment strings are made of first class steel.

• 5 strings are used for the carriage (yellow, blue, green, red and black)

• The number of upper group of strings is 12 (blue, yellow, green, red short items, two of each color) (blue-yellow long items, two of each color)

• 2 transparent strings are used as holder for trapeze.

• The holes on the carriage are designed to transfer residual rope under the equipment and ensures maximum comfort for the user.


Color Options

First class, antibacterial, vinyl leather is used for our equipment. You can customize your product according to your different color preferences for the upholstery or by choosing a color that matches your corporate color. Please contact our customer representative for alternative color options.
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• WOODEN BED: Width 69 cm X Length 240 cm X Height 35 cm

• TOWER: Width 79 cm X Height 190 cm

• CARRIAGE: Width 62 cm X Length 100 cm

• GENERAL: Width 79 cm X Length 240 cm X Height 190 cm (the distance between the bottom point on the floor to the highest end of the equipment H:190 cm)

Product Package Contents

When you purchase the product, it comes complete with Box / Closure Board / Jump Board / Trapeze / Push Through Bar / Roll Down Bar / Fuzzy / Safety Belt / Foot strap / Moveable Bar / Spring set and Strap set inside the Cadillac Reformer Short leg package.

Equipment and accessories have 2-year guarantee.