Spring Wall

Bendispilates Spring Wall adds new exercises to your Pilates repertoire thanks to its different spring resistances both during personal trainings and individual use.

As Spring Wall can be mounted on the wall, it is one of our most preferred equipment beside our Folding Reformer, for studies with limited space.


Our product that is mounted on wall is made High Density Fiberboard so that it is robust and sturdy.

The product enables you to perform all of the stretching and flexing exercises thanks to its wooden push through bar.

The product must be mounted on the wall. (It is not suitable for wallboard)

It is a practical product to be used at home and in studies as it does not occupy too much space.

Its metal parts are made of iron coated with electrostatic paint.

Number of upper group of work-out strings is 8 (yellow-blue, two short items / yellow-blue, two long items)

All of the equipment strings are made of first class steel.

Color Options

First class, antibacterial, vinyl leather is used for our equipment.

You can customize your product according to your different color preferences for the upholstery or by choosing a color that matches your corporate color.

Please contact our customer representative for alternative color options.

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Spring Wall: Width 60 cm X

Height: 183 cm X

Depth: 10 cm

Product Package Contents

When you purchase the product, equipment

comes complete as shown on the image.

Equipment has 2-year guarantee.