About Bendis

Bendis was founded in 2011 in order to manufacture professional Pilates equipment. 60% of produce, which is 100% domestic, is exported to 40 countries under the label of ‘Made in Turkey’.

About Us?

Bendispilates began to operate in Istanbul in 2009 for the purpose of manufacturing Pilates equipment as a result of inspiration initiated by its founders’ professional lives and inclination for Pilates.

They launched their equipment to the market in 2011 under the brand of Bendispilates when they were certain that their equipment had achieved desired quality and manufacturing processes had become sustainable after two-year version development. They manufacture home equipment for individual users besides producing hundreds of equipment for domestic and foreign Pilates studios and physiotherapy centers. Today, Bendispilates exports sixty percent of its produce to 40 countries all over the world.

‘Our values, without doubt, is one of the greatest factors behind our motivation! The purpose of all of our investments and goals is to ensure that our customers stay healthy and fit and have good equipment’.


I would like to extend my special thanks to you on behalf of myself and my team for choosing Bendispilates equipment that is manufactured with high production quality, new techniques and manpower.

Taylan ÖZKAN

I wish everyone who uses our Bendispilates equipment, that combines aesthetic and exercise and contributes to the discipline of Pilates with first class quality and ergonomics, a successful journey of training and life.

Why Bendis?

Bendispilates was launched to create equipment that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing by drawing on sports biomechanics and kinesiology and determined the fields of use of its equipment accordingly. Equipment has been designed so that they can be used in studios, physiotherapy centers and at home.

Bendispilates uses high-quality, environment-friendly and sustainable industrial materials. Our entire equipment is secured under a patent and rigorously manufactured in our own factory by use of first-class material and taking hygiene and natural production processes into consideration.

Bendispilates equipment that offers quality, ergonomics and comfort together meets your needs smoothly.

Bendispilates products which are made in Turkey by 100% are manufactured in its manufacturing facility in Istanbul by drawing on specific designs and engineering. It manufactures quality equipment for consumers of Bendispilates for more than 10 years by investing in Material Engineering and Research and Development. It combines its knowledge gained through its experience of manufacturing more than 10,000 Reformers with innovations in the sector and, as such, designs innovative models in addition to conventional Pilates equipment.

Bendispilates stands out as it exports its products to many countries all over the world besides being a leading brand in Turkey.